Las Vegas, NV

Please join us for the first-ever Learn@DLF!

To cultivate creative training and professional development opportunities stemming from our past three successful DLF Forum Pre-Conferences, we are excited to host Learn@DLF on Sunday, October 14.

Unlike the conference- and unconference-style pre-Forum events of recent years, Learn@DLF will be structured entirely as a workshop day. Through engaging, hands-on sessions, attendees will gain experience with new tools and resources, exchange ideas, and develop and share expertise with fellow community members.

Ooh, I want to propose a workshop!

Awesome. Look for our call for volunteer teachers and organizers in early Spring 2018. All proposals will be peer-reviewed and open to community voting, just like past workshops held at the DLF Forum.

What will it cost?

We’ll provide breakfast, lunch, and copious coffee breaks, to fuel your work. Registration will be set to recover costs of catering and A/V. Some workshops may include a small extra materials or tuition fee, specified by instructors. We’ll keep you posted as planning moves forward.

So, no Liberal Arts Pre-Conference this year?

In 2015, coinciding with a mission refinement for DLF, we hosted our first Liberal Arts Colleges Pre-Conference. This was meant to foster conversation, build community, and serve as a kind of “on-ramp” for our newest type of member organization—the liberal arts colleges that had become a sudden, positive presence in DLF. We ran another LAC Pre-Conference in 2016, bringing student-centered archival issues to the fore with an important keynote by Jarrett Drake. From the conversations, ideas, and circumstances of the 2016 Pre-Conference and election-year Forum, we issued an open invitation to the community, to use the DLF as a platform and a framework for action.

It was in that spirit that DLF partnered with the HBCU Library Alliance for a 2017 LACs-HBCUs Pre-Conference focusing on digital pedagogy and career pathways for students and LIS professionals from under-represented groups. Almost all 2015-17 pre-conference participants have stayed on for the Forum itself, and many have started or joined working groups and become active members of the DLF community, changing our conversations for the better. On-ramps work! But intentional work toward inclusion and integration of perspectives in our main event seems even better.

Meanwhile, the Forum has been growing, and demand to offer and participate in workshop-style sessions has grown with it. There’s no longer space for as many hands-on and multiple-hour sessions as we would like. Enter Learn@DLF.

We’ll be looking to the community to help us make sure there’s something for everyone there, no matter where you work or what your professional role may be!

Thank you to our planning committee members!

The 2018 DLF Forum and Learn@DLF are community and practitioner-based events that would not be possible without thoughtful and engaged participation from our community. Thank you!

Does this mean there will be no workshop-format sessions at the DLF Forum itself?

We’ll still encourage submissions of workshops and hands-on training proposals for the DLF Forum, but they will be limited to the kind of thing that can be done in a one-hour session. Come to Learn@DLF to really dig in.

Gosh, Learn@DLF is a catchy name.
Maybe you should do something even bigger with it.

Think so? Stay tuned.