Showcasing Archival Content, Creating Digital Collections and Exhibits – Adam Matthew Digital Presents Quartex at the DLF Forum

At this year’s DLF Forum, our team at Adam Matthew Digital (AMD) is looking forward to speaking with attendees about how they publish their digital assets and collections.

Asking questions in our community and working collaboratively with our archive partners has informed development of Quartex, our state-of-the-art platform which helps libraries make their digital content available to academics, researchers, students, and the general public.

What is your main purpose in publishing digital archival content? Is it to improve access to archives, make content searchable, create digital exhibits, or facilitate research?

What search functionality is key for your published collections? Is it in-platform OCR generation, Handwritten Text Recognition capability, A/V transcription, or federated search across collections?

The team at University of Toronto, Mississauga Libraries was facing the challenge of having a wealth of rich content, but their students and alumni were not able to easily find it. They were keen to make their digital content both discoverable and searchable on a single site, and Quartex has enabled them to do this with their first collection now live on our platform: the Erindalian collection of campus newspapers.

The Newberry Library has been using a variety of platforms to meet both the back-end digital asset management and front-end asset display needs. They have been looking for a single platform to satisfy both sets of requirements – their Lauder collection of postcards is now live on Quartex.

To find out more about our collaborations with academic partners, and for a demonstration of how Quartex works, talk to Martin and Chris who will both be at the conference at stand #2 to answer your questions.


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